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What are Community Learning Centres?

Community Learning Centres (CLCs) are community schools, a school improvement strategy that transforms a school into a place where educators, local community members, families, and students work together to strengthen conditions for student learning and healthy development. Community Schools provide impactful and enriching learning experiences that improve educational outcomes and student achievement by developing mutually beneficial relationships between schools and their communities.

Quebec’s English school network embraced the community school strategy in 2006 when the Ministry of Education introduced the Community Learning Centre Initiative (CLC). CLC schools are community schools that were introduced to support student achievement and contribute to the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking minority language community.

Similar to other community school movements across the world, they focus on strengthening the academic and developmental outcomes for youth by building up connections between schools, families, local organizations, regional and provincial bodies. These connections set the stage for improved coordination and access to resources.

Each community school determines its own vision with the goal of developing partnerships and strategies to achieve better outcomes for students, families and the English-speaking community. Strengthening the connection between schools and communities leverages local assets and resources.

Provincial Resource Team (PRT) - Network-Wide Resource

The CLC Community School Network is supported by LEARN’s Provincial Resource Team (PRT), a network-wide resource that provides support and expertise to schools implementing or interested in adopting the community school strategy.

LEARN’s PRT provides continuous professional development to Community Development Agents, Principals and Teachers in schools belonging to the CLC network and works with regionally and provincially mandated organizations to:

Map of CLCs

There are currently more than 90 English language schools participating in the CLC Initiative. Participating schools include elementary, high school and adult education centres located in urban, rural, and remote communities across Quebec.

CLC Services & Resources


Access tools and resources to support your work.


Inspiring examples of school-community partnerships.

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