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Measuring is Critical for Success

Monitoring and evaluating programs, projects and partnerships is a critical element of success.

With support from LEARN’s Provincial Resource Team, Community Development Agents are responsible for monitoring and periodically assessing the effectiveness of ongoing programming. The Online Journal is Due on May 24, 2024

The CLC Activity Report

“Online Journal”

CDAs track their progress by completing an CLC Activity Report on a regular basis.
Quarterly reports are shared with stakeholders on a local and provincial level.

* Contact a member of the Provincial Resource Team to obtain your login credentials. 

Data Collection

Tools and Tips

CLC programs and partnerships are informed by needs and data. Surveys, analysis of demographic and census data, interviews and focus groups are different ways to gather information to make informed assessments of the extent to which a CLC is achieving outcomes. 

Assessing Programs

Are programs making a positive difference?

The CLC Approach places a strong value on monitoring and evaluating programs, projects and partnerships. Community Development Agents are responsible to assess whether a project is running effectively and after a few years, making an impact. 

Meaningful evaluation should be built into all CLC Action Plans. There are different types of evaluation processes and tools which may be used throughout the life of a program/project: 

Communicating Impact

This section includes tools and models as ways to tell the story about the important work that takes place in CLCs that speak to different audiences.

Using Data to Tell the Story

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