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Strategic Planning

Community School Approach In Action

The community school approach is reported to have positive effects on student outcomes including school readiness, attendance, academic achievement, high school graduation rates, sense of belonging and overall wellness for students, families and community members. Many CLC strategic plans focus on supporting one or more of these outcomes, over 3 to 5 years. LEARN's Provincial Resource Team (PRT) supports CLC leadership teams with tools and resources to help with the planning process.
CLC Action Plan Due May 24, 2024

When developing or updating an action plan, CLCs first conduct a needs assessment with students, their families and community members, to identify the key areas that need to be addressed. The Needs Assessment Toolkit offers an overview as well as some sample surveys for the different stakeholder groups.


Once needs/gaps are identified, CLC leadership teams will establish 2-3 goals they will focus their work on for the next 3-5 years and determine what steps can be taken in the short term (1-year) towards achieving those goals (also referred to as outcomes). The Theory of Change (ToC) kit provides the most comprehensive way of approaching the strategic planning process.

How will CLCs know they are making a difference?

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Resources and tools listed below will guide the process of identifying the needs, selecting and phrasing the goals (or outcomes), identifying indicators of success, locating funds, sharing the plan with the school and the community, and productivity tools to put the plan into action.

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