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Communicating Impact Resources

Excerpt: Communicating impact is something all schools and organizations need to be doing, especially when it comes to philanthropy. As funders, donors, volunteers and board members are looking to make a real difference, organizations must be able to identify, measure and demonstrate their impact in order to retain and engage different stakeholders.

Communicating Impact –
The Building Blocks of Trust

This webinar covers: Impact reporting; Why it’s important to communicate impact; How to identify, measure and demonstrate impact; Quantitative and qualitative methods and tools; How to communicate impact. 

Models and Resources

Single-CLC Overview Infographic 

Multi/Ext-CLC Overview Infographic 


EMSB Goals and Outcomes with Numbers

CLC Goals+Outcomes
with Numbers

Goals+Outcomes with Numbers Example 2

Goals+Outcomes with Numbers Example 3

More Resources

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